30+ Best Raffle Prize Ideas & How to Get Them Donated

Our team fundraising tools make it a snap to manage a group of people fundraising together, and even gives your team members the flexibility to choose their own cause. When organizing Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas , soliciting event sponsorships from local businesses is key. In-kind donations can also be solicited for printed materials, silent auction items, raffle prizes, goodie back inclusions, beverages on the course, and more. Everyone likes a laugh, so why not throw your own comedy night in aid of your organization? Invite local talent or people from the comedy circuit to participate in your comedy night fundraiser.
Present wrapping is a great church fundraising idea for the holidays. They can then offer to wrap Christmas presents for busy shoppers. An excellent church fundraising idea for right before Christmas, gingerbread-house making is fun for the whole family. You can even make it a competition between the participants as to who can make the best house! Charge a small fee for each entrant at the door, or ask for donations from participants. This church fundraising idea allows your mission team members to bike as long or short as they would like.
Art instructors might be most available when school is out, such as during the summer and winter holidays. This should be held indoors so that the wind won’t blow photos and other materials away. Make sure the teams are balanced–you don’t want little kids going up against adults. This is another location-specific event, so your biggest challenge will be finding a location that’s the perfect fit. Be sure to let your players know the rules ahead of time so everyone is on the same page. You may want to include a referee to make rulings on any questions of fair play that may arise.
Organize a stress relief event to help them de-stress and relax before exams. Have volunteers offer aromatherapy, gentle massages, and foot rubs. Make sure there are a lot of scented oils and candles around, as well as soothing music. Students can remind them of the tax write-off and offer a certificate that local businesses can then display. Obstacle courses are exciting for everyone involved, so there should be plenty of donations pouring in.
At a time when online fundraising is slowly becoming the new norm, mobile fundraising could be the new disrupter. For example, the Obama campaign has been using the mobile payments provider and tech-darling Square since 2012 to allow staff and volunteers to accept donations in the field. Take a look at more winter fundraising ideas and find the right one for your nonprofit. The digital counterpart of the ‘envelope fundraiser’, this Christmas fundraising idea is simple and effective.