56 School Fundraising Ideas to Raise Funds in 2019

Then, maximize profits by charging admission tickets and charges per activity. Charity Safaris is an excellent company to help raise funds for your school. We can help with the entire process, including auction display, online bidding logistics, and catalog production.
Reach out to local favorites and see if they are interested in hosting a similar event. Invite easy school fundraisers to set up at the school for an after-school event or a fun lunch alternative during the day. They will give the participating schools 33% of the proceeds from the event. Panera has a program that gives 25% of sales and offers deliveries as well.
On Disney Day, students get to dress up as their favorite Disney characters in exchange for a small donation. Promote this event well in advance to allow parents to make or buy the costumes. You can liven up this event with other add-on ideas to engage both kids and their parents.
This easy fundraising idea for schools is a cost-effective way to raise money and have some fun in the process. Faculty and volunteer organizers will set up a pancake breakfast at the school, with kids acting as chefs under the supervision of adult chaperons. Hungry patrons will pay a fee for the pancake breakfast and all proceeds can go straight to your fundraiser, minus the cost of food.
You also encourage them to express their creativity and take on leadership roles. Ultimately, they’ll value the things or experiences their fundraiser helped make possible. There’s no better way to raise money and promote reading than by hosting a book drive. Ask students and community members to donate old and gently used books to your school. Launching a t-shirt fundraiser for your school is an easy way to raise money and offer a tangible item in return for your supporter’s donation.
Finishing high school can be hard for students and parents alike. Make the transition easier with a college prep basket at your next school auction. For animal-loving kiddos, this is the perfect set-up to learn and have fun. Bring the zoo to your students to offer a meaningful animal encounter that will broaden their animal horizons.
Have fun learning ways to improve sales, maximize profits, and reach your goals. Revenue streams can come from entrance fees, and in return, you can gift the winning team with a prize. Unleash the creativity of the little architects in your community by hosting a classic lego night! Locations to consider are community centers, school libraries, play places, or public gymnasiums. Kids of all ages can build their unique creations and win prizes for a small entrance fee.
You can collect donations of used books from parents, students and community members. Facebook is likely the most-used social media platform among your target audience, but Instagram and Twitter each offer their own unique set of benefits. Use a combination of platforms to get the word out about your upcoming fundraiser and encourage students, parents, and teachers to share your posts as well.
Maybe your school needs a little extra money to start a new initiative. Or maybe you run a non-profit that’s constantly strapped for cash. It might even be that there’s an incredible charity or organization that you want to raise money for. Ahead, you’ll find the best fundraising ideas you can use to raise money for any cause.