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Find out more about syndicating TNH content and how to contact us here. As a strategic and supportive people and talent leader with a track record in attracting and hiring the best talent, Elise helps build out The New Humanitarian team to fuel this next phase of growth for the organisation. Elise’s most recent role was resourcing manager at Cundall, the world’s first engineering consultancy to be certified carbon neutral, focussed on designing energy efficient, sustainable buildings.
We should cooperate when justified in circumstances when to do so would reduce the risk to life and limb or when access to an event is restricted and it is in everyone’s interest to pool information or images. We may also cooperate with our competitors on matters of mutual interest such as staff safety, government regulation, and legal and other legitimate action to protect the rights of the media. Reuters encourages its employees to submit outstanding work, whether text, visual or graphics, for awards for excellence in journalism from reputable, disinterested sources.
editorial news had minimal effect on the number of children born (a good thing, given Britain’s dwindling fertility rate and the murky ethics of punishing the poor for having children). It has pushed larger families, more than half of whom are in work, into deeper poverty, affecting 1.5 million children. Mr Osborne’s policy was premised on the notion that people who use benefits are a static group who respond to narrow financial incentives. Yet having a child is not a cost-benefit calculation, and the number of people who claim benefits is not fixed.
The membership & marketing director manages these types of advertisements. There is no word length limit for this column, but the editor must work with the author to ensure that the essay is presented with brevity and clarity. The membership & marketing director accepts ads from equal opportunity employers, which are now posted on the AIC website, in AIC News, or both. Rates and deadlines are listed in the newsletter and on the website. Courses, conferences, or seminars will be posted online as the announcements are received, and will be collected in each bimonthly issue. This column provides a remembrance of an AIC member and acknowledges his/her contributions to the field.
He is a multimedia reporter with extensive experience investigating conflict, human rights abuses and humanitarian crises across sub-Saharan Africa. He has covered rebellions in the Democratic Republic of Congo, militancy in Mali and Burkina Faso, and wars in Central African Republic, Congo-Brazzaville and beyond. A regular commentator in the media, he holds a Masters in Political and Legal Theory from University College London.